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Whether your business is based in Birmingham, relocating staff to the city or holding a meeting here, Explore Birmingham can offer a bespoke one-off activity or regular series of events to complement your business objectives whilst also being fun.

What's on offer?

Explore Birmingham is happy to discuss any ideas you have for an activity - it could be induction for staff new to the city, an 'away day’ event, an informal networking activity or an experience for clients visiting the city.


Events can improve staff well-being and team cohesion, and understanding Birmingham and its history can also better locate the identity of your business within the city. 

The engaging approach to telling the city's stories can help inspire and engage staff and clients alike. Birmingham's unique story of transformation, innovation and diversity offers a novel way to promote exploration of business objectives, such as programmes of transformation and inclusion.

Case study

IKEA approached Explore Birmingham for a fun activity at the end of the first day of a two day meeting in Birmingham for managers/leaders across the company. They wanted a tour that could focus on transformation to support business objectives for the event, as well an being engaging and fun.


Following a consultation call, Explore Birmingham developed a bespoke tour which, whilst exploring the history of the city, focused on aspects of transformation and features of resilience and innovation that promoted success and grew a modern and diverse city.


The tour was kept informal, fun and good value and allowed leaders to explore transformation from a different perspective.

Here's what they thought...

We cannot speak highly enough of our experience touring Birmingham City with Al as our guide. From the moment we embarked on our journey, Al's insightful and engaging storytelling transported us through the city's remarkable transformation over the ages.


His deep knowledge and passion for Birmingham shone through, breathing life into its history, and showcasing how the city has constantly evolved and adapted. Not only did Al impart his vast knowledge, but he also successfully captured the spirit and forward-thinking ethos of Birmingham.


We wholeheartedly recommend Al for group tours. His expertise, captivating storytelling, and genuine enthusiasm make him an outstanding guide.

Carolyn, IKEA


Let's talk

Contact Al for an informal chat to discuss your needs.


07920 864384


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