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Reviews of Birmingham's Dark Side Tour

This tour was a fantastic and original look at Birmingham’s dark and macabre past, with so many fascinating stories and facts, I learned so much!

Al, the host, is a witty, knowledgeable and charming chap, and I am astounded at his memory for detail!

HIGHLY recommend booking a ticket!


Amazing tour of Birmingham. I discovered so many parts of Birmingham that I didn't even knew existed!


Brilliantly told stories of old…. Such a fantastic night experiencing the dark side of Birmingham. Myself and my daughter really enjoyed it history mixed with tales. I recommend this tour to everyone wanting something a little bit different you won’t be disappointed book today 🤩


A fantastic tour by Al who is very friendly and informative and although I have lived in the city all my life I learned lots of new interesting and fun facts and saw bits of Birmingham I didn’t even know existed! I also feel these tours are good for solo travellers too as Al is very welcoming and if you’re new to the city the tour is good for getting your bearings of where things are - Al even teaches you a bit of Brummie! Looking forward to seeing what tours Explore Birmingham will come up with next :))


Al was a very cheerful guide and knowledgeable regarding the evolution of his favourite city - Brum !!
The tour could prove useful to both visitors and locals and is very reasonably priced.


Al was our guide and made us all feel at ease straight away. We walked at a steady pace and stopped frequently at sites of interest. Even though I've lived in Birmingham all my life I realised I knew none of the information he gave us. It was really enjoyable even though some of the stories were of murders and gruesome deaths. I won't go into detail or it will be a spoiler.


This is not an experience to be missed! I have never enjoyed a walking tour as much as this one. Al was everything you would want from a tour guide; knowleagable, entertaining and a great story teller. I learnt so much that I didn't know before about Birmingham and the eclectic mix of people who have lived, worked and walked these city's streets long before any of us. If you want a guide who knows his stuff, as well as seeing a side of Birmingham you've never seen before, Alan is the perfect person to book a tour with.


As a Birmingham local for over 10 years, I didn't realise I had so much still to discover. Al is incredibly knowledgeable and shares his passion for Birmingham in a friendly & fun way. A great way to spend a couple of hours.


We love a walking tour and have toured many cities. This was possibly the best constructed tour and very well presented. We loved it


A great tour of the city and an amazing way to kick off your time in Birmingham. AI was super friendly, fully knowledgeable about Birmingham's history, and always sharing great facts. Highly recommended.


This walking tour with Al was fantastic. We learnt lots this evening. Thank you for such an informative and entertaining evening showing us the social history and dark tales that brimingham has to offer. Al is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about all things Brum. You won't be disappointed.


This tour was excellent as was our guide Al. We loved every moment of it. Tales of crime, ghosts, mysteries and more...all from someone with so much passion for the city and the history behind it. The delivery was clear, brilliantly paced, interactive and humorous. It's always better to listen to stories told by someone who does the research themselves. The only regret I have is not posting a review sooner! If anyone is thinking of taking this tour themselves, don't think! Do it! You won't be disappointed.


Having enjoyed Al’s dark tour previously was excited to see what was different about this tour
Being a proud brummie it was astonishing how much I didn’t know about my home town - we have a statue of Lord Nelson for a start !
Had a lovely day for the two hour walk, some of which was on the canals - really enjoyable and came away feeling proud of our history. Will be recommending to friends and family.


It was a very interesting walk through the city. Al interestingly told about the history of the city, adding many curiosities. I highly recommend :)
100% professionalism :)
Al thanks a lot!


Reviews of the City Sights & History Tour

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