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Terms & Conditions for Tour Participants

Email: or call 07920 864384 for any questions.


Cancellation or moving a booking


Cancellation with a full refund of a place booked on a public tour is available up to 24 hours before the tour commences. 


You can opt to move your booking to another public tour date for free up to 24 hours before the tour commences (subject to availability). 


Please email to cancel or move your booking. 

If you wish to cancel within 24 hours of the tour commencement you are not entitled to a refund. However, please email or call us (details above) as soon as possible and it may be possible to issue a partial refund or agree for the booking to be moved to another date in some circumstances and at the discretion of Explore Birmingham.


See below for cancelling or rearranging Private Tours.


Attending on time and late arrivals


Tours commence promptly. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for registration. 


Unfortunately, should you be running late the tour cannot wait. You can join the tour if you see it (it may still be at or near the meeting point for a few minutes), please make yourself known to the guide at a suitable pause. 


The Guide will not be able to take calls or read messages once the tour has commenced and so you cannot call or message following the time of tour commencement. If you can call or message prior to the tour commencement time it is possible that agreement can be made for you to join the tour at a later point but this cannot be guaranteed.


Behaviour on tours (including use of alcohol)


For the safety and enjoyment of all Participants Explore Birmingham asks that all Participants conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards all those on the tour, members of the public and the sites that we are visiting. Participants should refrain from using offensive or discriminatory language. The Guide will speak to any Participant if concerned about their behaviour or language, if the concerning behaviour continues or is deemed by the Guide to be unacceptable Participants will be asked to leave the tour and will not be entitled to a refund.


Explore Birmingham reserves the right to refuse admittance to the tour to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A refund will not be provided. 


Alcohol cannot be drunk on the tour both for safety reasons and to ensure compliance with local by-laws which may be in operation.




Explore Birmingham plans events carefully and with safety in mind, the Guide will also take steps during the tour to point out any hazards and/or provide safety advice where appropriate. However, due to the nature of public outdoor tours Participants must take responsibility for their own personal safety and of those for whom they have responsibility. 


Participants should be observant and vigilant and take care, especially on steps and/or in slippery conditions and/or low light.


Participants should keep with the group at all times and advise the Guide if they have any difficulty in doing this. 


Special care should be taken when crossing roads and Participants should only cross when they judge it safe to do so. Participants should remain vigilant and should alert the Guide to any concern they have for their own safety or the safety of others.




Participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear that is appropriate for the type of walk. Tour details will indicate the nature of the walk which will usually be on pavements. 


Participants should consult weather forecasts to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the weather.


Health considerations (including seating and toilet stops)


All tours will publicise the distance and duration of the walk and some basic accessibility details. These should be taken as a guide and tours can be of a slightly shorter or longer duration or distance for a number of reasons (see below - Tour content and route changes). 


Participants should only book and attend a tour if they are confident they (and all members of their party) are sufficiently healthy and able to complete the tour. Any concerns or specific issues regarding the ability of a Participant to be able to safely complete a tour should be discussed with Explore Birmingham prior to the commencement of the tour. Minor adjustments may be possible but this cannot be guaranteed and a refund may not be possible if these are communicated less than 24 hours before the tour commences.


Any health issues emerging during the tour should be alerted to the Guide.


Participants should not expect there to be opportunities to sit down during the tour. On most tours this will be possible but this is often impacted by weather (where seating may be wet) and in public spaces where benches may already be occupied. 


Tours do not include a toilet stop.


Children and those with additional needs


Children (anyone under 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times who is responsible for their safety and wellbeing. Tours will advertise if there is a minimum age limit as well as the nature of the tour content. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine if the tour is appropriate for their child. Please contact Explore Birmingham if you have any questions.


Adults with additional needs who require support should be accompanied by an adult who can support them throughout the tour. Please contact Explore Birmingham to discuss any information that will help in making a decision about the suitability of the tour.




Tours will go ahead whatever the weather and will only be cancelled in very exceptional circumstances where there is a risk to health and safety or significant access issues that cannot be mitigated (for example, extreme heat or cold, very heavy snow, flooding etc). See below - Tour Cancellation.


Participants should ensure they are prepared for the weather with appropriate clothing or items such as umbrellas, SPF cream, water etc.


Tour cancellation


Tours are cancelled only in exceptional circumstances, for example an extreme weather event (see above), illness or sudden unavailability of the Guide or significant emergency incident in the tour area. 


Explore Birmingham reserves the right to cancel any tour for such a reason (or any other) and will provide as much notice as possible. 


A full refund or moving to another available tour date will be offered.


Tour content and route changes


The tour content and route may be subject to change for a number of reasons, for example other activities or emergencies taking place or occurring on the route. The tour provided will be comparable to that advertised in all but the most exceptional circumstances. This may lead to a slight increase or decrease in the distance walked or tour duration.


Due to a variety of factors, tour timing is always approximate and Participants are advised not to rely on the tour finishing exactly when scheduled. The Guide will attempt to conclude as close as possible to the advertised time.


Abandoning a tour

In exceptional circumstances a tour may be abandoned at the discretion of the Guide if it is deemed unsafe or impossible to continue (for example sudden and unexpected extreme weather or significant emergency incident). The Guide will make reasonable attempts to ensure Participants are aware of their location and how they can return to their accommodation/safe place.

Under such circumstances a refund up to the full value of the tour may be offered dependent upon how much of the tour has been completed.


If a Participant chooses to leave a tour themselves for any reason they will not be entitled to a refund.


For the comfort of all Participants, smoking is not permitted on tours.

Pets and assistance animals

Pets are not allowed on public tours other than assistance animals, please contact Explore Birmingham to advise of the use of an assistance animal so any appropriate adjustments can be made. 

It may be possible for pets to accompany Participants on a Private tour by arrangement.

Private tours


Private tours are existing tour products that are arranged exclusively for customers at a mutually agreed time and date, but are otherwise identical to the advertised public tour.


The above terms and conditions apply to Private Tours unless otherwise stated.


Private tours can be cancelled up to one week prior to the tour commencement for a full refund or moving to another date (by mutual agreement). Between one week and 24 hours before the commencement of the tour a 50% refund will be provided upon cancellation. 


Within 24 hours of tour commencement please contact Explore Birmingham as soon as possible and it may be possible to issue a partial refund or agree for the booking to be moved to another date in some circumstances and at the discretion of Explore Birmingham.


Bespoke tours


Bespoke tours are those arranged for business or personal clients that are not identical to public tour products. Bespoke tours are subject to separate terms and conditions specific to that tour and which will be provided prior to booking.

Updated November 2023

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